CME Program – What you can Claim

This document describes the types of CME expenses you can claim and the evidence needed to support each claim. To ensure you claim all you are eligible for, take the time to read this material carefully before completing the CLAIM FORM.


  • Claims must be related to your continuing clinical medical education.
  • Generally, the 2019 Fund is available to rebate CME activities you paid for between January 1st – December 31st, 2019 (see point 5 Compensation Criteria).
  • You must enclose proof of event registration. All other receipts should be kept and retained in case of audit.
  • Clear photocopies of receipts are acceptable. The deadline date for receipt of claims by Doctors Manitoba is no later than December 31, 2020.
  • CME expenses in a foreign currency are to be claimed at the rate of exchange at the time of purchase (or claimed as specified on the currency conversion on your credit card bill).

Recent Changes to the CME Program:

  • Physicians are no longer able to claim up to $500 of your Internet Service Provider expenses and/or computer hardware expenses (including repairs and upgrades) in 2019.
  • Physicians may now email their forms and applicable receipts to Doctors Manitoba at
  • Physicians will only be required to send in all receipts if selected as one of the physicians to be audited.
  • Physicians do not have to send in a copy of their CMA membership receipt even if audited.

Claimable CME Expenses

CME Registration Fees

CME events must be accredited programs that are sponsored or co-sponsored by a recognized medical educational body (i.e. university, hospital, provincial/state/local medical society or association). Non-accredited events will not be eligible for reimbursement.

You can claim a rebate of your personal costs of registration for a CME activity (or costs paid by your partnership, private clinic, or University Department as long as the source of that payment was a pool funded from the earnings of the physicians in that department, group, partnership etc.).

  • There is no maximum to the amount that will be rebated for registration fees
  • Registration fees that have been or will be paid by a third party (such as a pharmaceutical company) cannot be claimed.

To claim you must submit proof of payment of your registration costs for the CME activity and an outline of the event. Outlines should identify course name, date, location, sponsors and accreditation information. You do not need to provide a detailed agenda if the registration or outline or CME certificate provides information on the date, location and hours of the conference.

Expenses (including courses, reading materials) for preparing for sitting the Royal College or CCFP exams are eligible for rebate. However, the specific costs for the exams will not be eligible for rebate.

Office Overhead Expenses

To claim office overhead expenses a physician must attest to the fact that expenses were incurred while the physician was attending the CME event. They may be claimed by self-employed physicians per regular working day away from practice (no receipts required). The expenses are claimed at a rate of $100 per day (or $50 per half day). The office overhead expense can only be claimed for days of the CME event and not travel days.

Accommodation and Meals

To claim accommodation and meal expenses, you must submit proof of payment of registration in the CME event. If there was no registration fee, you must submit a copy of the CME program agenda/schedule, or credit certificate, or other suitable evidence of your attendance at a CME event during your stay at the hotel. You are required to have a copy of your actual hotel bill that indicates a hotel stay coinciding with the dates of the event you attended. Claim a flat daily rate for accommodation and costs of meals for each day of CME instruction, not travel days. Extensions to hotel stays before or beyond the course dates will not be reimbursed. If you required accommodation, claim $200 per day for CME in Manitoba or $300 per day for CME outside Manitoba. If you did not require accommodation, or don’t submit a copy of your hotel bill, your claim is limited to $70 per full day event to cover your food costs or $35 for a half-day event. No receipts are required for meals.

  • Sea Cruises: Physicians taking a CME course that is on a sea cruise must claim the accommodation and meals using the following format: To calculate the maximum number of days of accommodation that will be paid, take the total number of days of the CME cruise less 2 days (which represent the first and last day of the cruise) and divide by two. For example, the maximum number of days of accommodation for a 14 day CME cruise will be 6 days ((14-2)/2).
  • University of Manitoba Annual Series: If you are claiming accommodations or meals or office overhead for the U of M Annual Series (or other annual CME events) you must submit all CME certificates as proof of claim.

Airfare/Travel Expenses

Your airfare/travel costs to CME activities are claimable up to a maximum of $600 per event.

  • Airfare to attend a CME activity can be claimed when you have a receipt showing the cost, destination and dates of travel.
  • If you traveled by automobile to a CME activity, claim mileage at 50 cents per kilometer to the activity and back home. You must provide proof of meetings attended in order to claim mileage. We validate mileage claims using the website Google Maps. Mileage is not claimable for travel within your practice community (for example, you cannot claim for travel to a CME activity within Winnipeg if you practice in Winnipeg).
  • If you travel by air and automobile to attend a CME event, the total travel expenses cannot surpass $600 for the entire event.

Medical Educational Materials

Educational materials that can be rebated under this category include books, journals, tapes, cd’s and dvd’s.

  • Subscriptions to medical journals are claimable with appropriate receipts (not subscription order/renewal invoices, but receipt of payment for the journal).
  • Subscriptions to clinical decision support tools such as Uptodate are eligible for rebate. If you purchase a multi-year subscription, the total fee should be claimed in the year the expense was paid.
  • Membership fees to medical organizations are not claimable.
  • Journals that are “included” with membership in organizations are claimable. You may claim 25% of the organization’s membership fee. For example, the CMAJ is included with membership free of charge, therefore CMA members can claim 25% of their 2019 CMA dues which are $195.00 x 25% or $48.75.
    • Physicians who are Non-member MainPro Participants (NMMP) of the College of Family Physicians should not make a claim related to their NMMP fee as the membership is for credit tracking of professional development activities and does not include the benefit of receiving the College journal.
    • Physicians cannot claim for registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons or the CMPA.
  • Medical audiotapes (such as American Seminar Institute), videotapes and texts are claimable, as is CME-related software. You cannot claim a per diem and travel costs for American Seminar Institute programs as it is not necessary to travel to access this CME.
  • Software such as operating systems, word processing, database, spreadsheet and financial applications are not eligible for a rebate since they do not contribute specifically to your clinical medical education.
  • To support your claim you must have a legible copy of a cash register receipt containing the product code. If you paid by cheque or credit card (and no cash register receipt exists) you must have a legible photocopy of the cancelled cheque or dated credit card statement and evidence that allows Doctors Manitoba to determine exactly what was purchased (ideally the invoice for the purchased item).
  • Books or journals purchases are claimable. Books or journals purchased from regular bookstores or online sites such as should have the titles of the books on the receipt as proof of the book subject matter.

Complete the claim form and return to Doctors Manitoba no later than December 31, 2020.