Awards Nominations

November 30, 2018 is the deadline for the Doctors Manitoba Awards Committee to receive 2018 nominations.  Why not consider nominating a worthy colleague or mentor for recognition by Doctors Manitoba or the CMA? Here are the possibilities:

Doctors Manitoba Awards

Distinguished Service Award
– given in recognition of services rendered to patients and the community which have enhanced the image of the physician through devotion to the highest ideals of the medical profession and in the promotion of the art and science of medicine through teaching, writing and administration

Health Promotion or Safety Award – for contribution toward improving and promoting the health or safety of Manitobans specifically or humanity generally.

Scholastic Award – for scholarly activity in the health professions (examples of scholarly activity are research, teaching and writing).

Health Administration Award – for contribution to policy and/or in administration of health care.

Physician of the Year Award – for significant contribution to the practice of medicine and/or to the community by a member of Doctors Manitoba

Dr. Jack Armstrong Humanitarian Award – for outstanding contributions by a member or former member of Doctors Manitoba in the service of humanity either within Canada or abroad

Resident of the Year – for excellence in academic and clinical training and noteworthy contributions to the resident’s home program/specialty or residency program.

If you wish to submit a paper nomination, click here to download a nomination form.

CMA Honorary Membership

Each year, up to four distinguished Manitobans may be nominated as Honorary Members of the Canadian Medical Association.  Recipients enjoy all the rights and privileges of CMA membership FREE, for life.  Physicians or non-physicians may be eligible if they have attained eminence in medicine, science or the humanities, or rendered significant services to the CMA.  Physician candidates must be at least 65 years old, CMA members in good standing, and members for at least 10 years. For more information click here.

To submit your nomination online, click here.

If you wish to submit a paper nomination, click here to download the nomination form.

Award Selection Process

Recommendations each year for Doctors Manitoba Award winners and nominees for CMA Honorary Membership falls to the Doctors Manitoba Awards Committee.  Its recommendations are put forward to the Doctors Manitoba Board of Directors for approval.  Thereafter, the Honorary Member nominees require CMA Board approval.  In addition, the Awards Committee may recommend nominees for CMA Special Awards (see below) and/or other awards sponsored by external organizations.

CMA Special Awards

On occasion, Manitobans are nominated along with candidates from across Canada for CMA Special Awards.  There are nine Special Award categories.

  • FNG Starr Award
  • Medal of Service
  • Medal of Honor
  • May Cohen Award for Women Mentors
  • Sir Charles Tupper Award for Political Action
  • Award for Excellence in Health Promotion
  • Dr. William Marsden Award in Medical Ethics
  • Award for Young Leaders -Student, Resident, Early Career
  • Physician Misericordia Award

Traditionally, Manitoba nominations have been submitted by the Doctors Manitoba Board on recommendation of the Awards Committee, where they originated.  However, nominations are open to the entire CMA membership and various external bodies as well.  There is no requirement for approval by Doctors Manitoba, so submissions may be made directly and independently to the CMA.

Submission deadline for CMA Special Awards is November 30.  For information on each award and to download nomination forms from the CMA website, click here.