Doctors Manitoba is proud to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of physicians from around the province. The annual awards Gala is a highlight of each year for Doctors Manitoba and its members.

Achievements are recognized annually with awards in areas including Distinguished Service, Scholastics, Health Administration, Health and Safety, Humanitarian work and Physician of the Year,

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Awards Committee

Recommendations each year for Doctors Manitoba Award recipients and nominees for CMA Honorary Membership falls to the Doctors Manitoba Awards Committee.  In addition, the Awards Committee may recommend nominees for CMA Special Awards and/or other awards sponsored by external organizations. The Committee’s recommendations are put forward to the Doctors Manitoba Board of Directors for approval.  Thereafter, nominees for CMA Honorary Membership require CMA Board approval

2019 Award Recipients

2019 Doctors Manitoba Awards

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2018 Doctors Manitoba Awards

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2016 Award Recipients

2016 Doctors Manitoba Awards

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2015 Award Recipients

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History of Award Recipients – All Years

Doctors Manitoba Awards

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