Doctors Manitoba is proud to celebrate the outstanding contributions of physicians from around the province. Our annual awards and a highlight of the year for Doctors Manitoba and our members, celebrating the human, courageous and committed physicians dedicated to advancing the medical profession and improving care for their patients. The awards are the highest honour bestowed upon physicians by physicians.

You can still nominate a colleague for the Doctors Manitoba Medal of Excellence, a new honour and for a CMA Honourary Membership. Nominations are due by December 30, 2020. Learn more and nominate a colleague today.

We have restructured our awards to better recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of physicians and medical learners in Manitoba. Learn more.

Awards Committee

The Doctors Manitoba Awards Committee is responsible for setting the eligibility criteria for our awards and overseeing the annual nomination and awards selection process.  This includes Doctors Manitoba awards as well as recommending CMA Honorary Memberships. In addition, the Awards Committee may recommend nominees for CMA Special Awards and/or other awards sponsored by external organizations.

2019 Award Recipients

2019 Doctors Manitoba Awards

2019 CMA Honorary Members

2018 Award Recipients

2018 Doctors Manitoba Awards

2018 CMA Honorary Members

2017 Award Recipients

2017 Doctors Manitoba Awards

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2016 Award Recipients

2016 Doctors Manitoba Awards

2016 CMA Honorary Members 

2015 Award Recipients

2015 Doctors Manitoba Awards

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2014 Award Recipients

2014 Doctors Manitoba Awards

2014 CMA Honorary Members

History of Award Recipients – All Years

Doctors Manitoba Awards

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