Our Doctors Manitoba staff is dedicated to serving the membership and the goals of the Association. We pride ourselves in their level of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm that they consistently demonstrate. Whether you require assistance with a billing matter, a contract, insurance, member benefits or any other number of issues: they are there to help.

Do not hesitate to contact them by email or phone.

Theresa Oswald - Chief Executive Officer

(204) 985-5843

Allison Crolly - Chief Negotiator

(204) 985-5856
Allison Crolly
Allison Crolly is Doctors Manitoba’s Chief Negotiator. Allison is responsible for overseeing and negotiating our Master Agreement with government. She is also responsible for negotiating and advising individual and groups of physicians with regard to agreements outside of the Master Agreement and for amendments to the Physician’s Manual. In addition, Allison represents Doctors Manitoba and physician members in arbitration hearings, billing disputes and audits. Allison has been with Doctors Manitoba since 2006. Previously she worked in private practice focusing on Labour and Employment law. Allison received her law degree from the University of Windsor and a BA from the University of Winnipeg.

Andrew Swan - General Counsel

(204) 985-5860
Andrew Swan
Andrew Swan is General Counsel for Doctors Manitoba. Andrew is responsible for providing legal advice to the executive management of Doctors Manitoba. Andrew represents Doctors Manitoba and physicians in arbitration hearings, billing disputes and audits. Andrew also provides advice and guidance to physicians on general legal matters. Andrew received his law degree from the University of Manitoba, and was a partner at a large Winnipeg law firm before being elected to the Manitoba Legislature. Andrew had many roles in government, including serving as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General for five years.

Rick Sawyer - Chief Administrative Officer

(204) 985-5842
Rick Sawyer
Rick Sawyer is the Chief Administrative Officer at Doctors Manitoba, a position he has held since he joined the association in 2011. His areas of responsibility include membership and benefits, finance and accounting, insurance and information technology.

Keir Johnson - Director, Communication & Strategy

(204) 985-5840

Trina Larsen - Director, Policy & Planning

(204) 985-5841

Robyn Beninger - Director, Finance

(204) 985-5853


Ian Foster - Medical Remuneration Officer

(204) 985-5854
Ian Foster
Ian Foster joined Doctors Manitoba as an Economic/Statistical Analyst in 1994 after receiving his Masters of Science Degree in Statistics from the University of Manitoba. At present, he is a Medical Remuneration Officer and assists individual or groups of physicians with all aspects of compensation and negotiation matters. He has been integral to the development of the Doctors Manitoba fee tariff comparison database.

Roger Jamieson - Medical Remuneration Officer

(204) 985-5849
Roger Jamieson
Roger Jamieson is a Medical Remuneration Officer at Doctors Manitoba, where he has worked since 1999. Within his assigned fee-for-service blocs of practice, Roger is responsible for all issues including leading bloc meetings, coordinating bloc nominations/elections, handling new fee tariff applications, and handling all billing inquiries related to his blocs. Roger is also responsible for various alternate funded groups of physicians including psychiatry and urban/rural family physicians. Roger’s previous experience was at Manitoba Health. He is a graduate of the Commerce program at the University of Manitoba.

Braden Kalichuk - Compensation Analyst

(204) 985-5848
Braden Kalichuk is a recent addition to Doctors Manitoba, holding the position of Junior Analyst. Braden works closely with the Negotiations Staff providing support and analysis in a variety of areas. Braden joined Doctors Manitoba after graduating with his B.Sc (hons.) degree in the field of statistics from the University of Manitoba.

Barry Hallman - Benefit Programs Coordinator

(204) 985-5865
Barry Hallman has worked at Doctors Manitoba since 2001. He has been Benefit Programs Coordinator since 2008. During his first seven years with the organization, he held the position of Compensation Analyst. Barry’s current responsibilities include managing all four of the negotiated benefit programs offered by Doctors Manitoba: the CME and CMPA Rebate Programs, the Physician Retention Program and the Maternity/Parental Benefits Programs. Barry has a Masters Degree in geography from the University of Guelph.

Wendie Karlowsky - Accountant

(204) 985-5855


Leanne Muir - Membership & Communications Coordinator

(204) 985-5866
Leanne Muir
Leanne has worked at Doctors Manitoba since 1989. She is responsible for administration of the membership database and the membership invoicing and renewal processes. She administers the new vehicle purchase program, and assists with other membership benefits programs.  Leanne is also responsible for the administration of the Doctors Manitoba website and the Doctors Manitoba Physician Health & Wellness website.

Mark Venton - Insurance Coordinator

(204) 985-5846
Mark Venton
Mark has worked at Doctors Manitoba since 2009. He assumed responsibility for the Insurance Department in 2016. He administers all of the group insurance plans for members, residents and students. Mark is the liaison to the insurance companies and outside consultants. He coordinates the activities of the Doctors Manitoba Insurance Committee. Prior to Doctors Manitoba, Mark worked in the private insurance industry.

Jennifer MacDonald - Project Coordinator, Physician Health & Wellness

(204) 985-5845

Arpita Goala - Communications Coordinator

(204) 985-5845

Amber Pauls - Insurance Administrator

(204) 985-5847
Amber pauls
Amber Pauls has worked at Doctors Manitoba since 2007. She works with Mark Venton in the Insurance department, aiding with the maintenance and growth of the different plans and communicating with members regarding their insurance. She also assists with membership and benefits plans during peak times

Jill Brown - Assistant to the CEO

(204) 985-5852
Jill Brown
Jill Brown has worked at Doctors Manitoba since 1989. She has held various positions and is currently the Assistant to the CEO. Her responsibilities include administrative duties in respect to the CEO, Chief Negotiator and General Counsel. She also assists in the administration of Executive and Board Meetings and compilation of Board meeting agendas. In addition, Jill assists members of the Doctors Manitoba Board, Executive and staff with all their travel arrangements for various meetings. Jill also maintains and organizes all contract and arbitration materials, and the office filing systems and library.

Cheryl Bezte - Administrative Assistant, Negotiations

(204) 985-5851
Cheryl Bezte
Cheryl Bezte joined Doctors Manitoba as General Clerk in early 2009. Later that year, she took over the duties of Secretary for the Compensation Analysts and Medical Remuneration Officers. Her main responsibilities include preparing, processing and finalizing new fee tariff applications, as well as various other secretarial duties for economics staff members.

Aiyana Crolly - Receptionist

(204) 985-5888

Sandra Little - Receptionist

(204) 985-5888