Dr. Matthew D. Paschak

1987 - 2020

Dr. Paschak passed away suddenly on February 19, 2020.

Dr. Paschak is survived by his  parents Greg and Teresa, brother Steven (Yunfang), and beloved nephew and godson William. Also left to grieve are his uncles and aunts, Andy, Suzy, Stan, Anne, Patrick and Donna, and cousins, Andrea (Kerry), Vicki, Alan (Erika), Eric and Marc. Matthew leaves behind a legion of friends from St. Paul’s High School, two universities, St. Mary’s Academy where he was a teacher, and all his colleagues in Medicine.

His impressive career took him from science to education and then to medicine. He valued all of his students where he taught at St. Mary’s and would be so touched to know the impact he had on so many. His true calling though was healing. He had the power to heal with his words, his presence and finally his hands. By all accounts he was a singularly gifted physician who in his short career was already able to make an enormous impact on both his colleagues and his patients. He cherished his colleagues and fellow med students very much and indeed was happiest when he was in action as a doctor.


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