Board of Directors

Doctors Manitoba is governed by physician members who are elected to the Board of Directors from regions around the Province. These physicians are dedicated to their colleagues and to the Profession. Directors set the strategic goals and priorities of the Association, making key decisions on behalf of the membership to promote the interests of Manitoba physicians.

Board Executive

President Dr. Aaron Chiu
President-Elect Dr. Shannon Prud’homme
Honorary Treasurer Dr. Louis Smith
Honorary Secretary Dr. Cory Baillie
Past-President Dr. Barbara Kelleher

District Representatives

Concordia Dr. Darcy Johnson
Grace Dr. Brian Rumbolt
Health Sciences Centre Dr. Cory Baillie
Dr. Michael Boroditsky
Misericordia Dr. Sheila Domke
Seven Oaks Dr. Mark Boroditsky
St. Boniface Dr. Kristjan Thompson
Victoria Dr. Louis Smith
Brandon Dr. Gerhardt Visser
Central Dr. Michael Gray
Eastman Dr. Michel Bruneau
Interlake Dr. J. Patrick Donnelly
Assiniboine Dr. A. Meyer Nell
Northern Dr. Hisham Tassi
Parkland Dr. Fredrik Fjeldsted
PARIM Dr. Audrey Nguyen
University Medical Group Dr. Darren Leitao
Manitoba Medical Students Association Ms. Achieng Tago

By Invitation (Non-Voting)

CMA Board of Directors Representative Dr. David Cram