COVID-19 Update – November 30

Situation Update

Since our last update on Friday, 1,193 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified, including 343 today. This brings the total case count in Manitoba to 16,825.

The five-day test positivity rate is 13.4%, down slightly from 14.5% on Friday. In Winnipeg, the test positivity rate is 13.7%, down slightly from 14.2%.

There are currently 9,260 active cases, up from 8,865 on Friday. This includes 342 people in hospital, up from 322, with 43 in ICU.

Thirty-two more COVID-related deaths have been reported since Friday, including 11 today alone. So far, 312 Manitobans have died from COVID-19.

On the weekend, the death of a boy under 10 years of age was reported. This is the youngest Manitoban to die from COVID-19. Few details were released to maintain privacy, though public health officials have disclosed there was an underlying medical condition. Nationally, only two Canadians under the age of 20 are listed as having died from the coronavirus by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

You can learn more in today’s public health bulletin.

Shared Health reported that ICU capacity remains stretched, running at 145% above normal capacity. There were 105 patients in ICU this morning, including 43 with COVID-19.

The provincial government will open another alternative isolation site, with 138 rooms to serve primarily Winnipeg’s shelter population. The rooms will open in stages, beginning this weekend.

Illness and Isolation Update

Shared Health confirmed the number of health care workers who have tested positive now stands at 743, after catching up on a “backlog” of testing reports. Doctors Manitoba is aware of at least 27 physicians who have tested positive for COVID-19.

In the past week, 27 health care workers have tested positive for COVID-19, with 1,647 tests completed.

Doctors Manitoba continues to fight for COVID-19 illness and isolation support for physicians. The virus, and the public health precautions in place, have caused an unprecedented level of disruption to physicians’ ability to practice and continue caring for their patients.

If you have not already shared your COVID-19 illness or isolation experience with us so we can get a more complete picture. Use our confidential submission form to share your experience.

You can also see our recommendations on isolation and illness support for physicians, a support we have been advocating for since the pandemic began.

Deadlines and Event Reminders

We are offering physicians a few reminders about upcoming deadlines, events and opportunities to ensure you don’t miss out!

Award Nominations Due Tomorrow (Dec 1)

Nominations for our annual Doctors Manitoba Awards are due tomorrow, December 1, but an extension can be requested. If you are working on a nomination, but require additional time, please request an extension before December 1. Email Leanne with your request at

Please consider nominating a peer for a Doctors Manitoba award, so we can recognize those physicians offering us all a source of inspiration, support and strength during these difficult times.

President’s Tour – Have Your Say

With so much going on right now impacted the medical profession, Doctors Manitoba needs your advice to ensure we are charting the right path forward. Whether it’s pandemic-related concerns, or other issues facing the profession, come share your views at our President’s Town Halls this week:

Physicians for Physicians Event

We have planned a special pandemic virtual event for physicians on December 10, and we invite you to join us and hundreds of your colleagues. We will spotlight the impact the pandemic is having on physicians while also honouring our annual award winners. And we have a special surprise planned as we unveil a new look for Doctors Manitoba. We’ve also added a gourmet food or appetizer option for those joining us from Winnipeg.

You can register now for Physicians for Physicians, and join us for an uplifting and supportive evening on December 10th.

Our STOP Campaign

Based on advice from critical care specialists and other physicians, Doctors Manitoba is continuing our public awareness campaign to encourage Manitobans to limit their contacts.

Our STOP campaign urges Manitobans to stay home, stop the spread, and save lives. The campaign started on social media as cases surged and alarming concerns about hospital capacity were raised. The social media campaign has garnered 4.3 million views, and now there are ads running in the Winnipeg Free Press, such as the one below. 

Physicians can help spread the word (not the virus) using our campaign images found at

If you are facing skepticism or doubts from patients about the effectiveness of masks or the prospect of immunization, see our earlier post about talking to “anti-maskers” from a couple of weeks ago.