Virtual Care Visit Tariffs Codes – May 1

We are committed to keeping you up-to-date as we get more information about COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Just this afternoon, we received notification that Manitoba Health has assigned new tariff codes to the virtual visit expansion approved last Saturday. We understand that vendors have been notified and we expect you will be to access these new tariff codes for claim submissions early next week.

The information below will be incorporated into our virtual care resource site on Monday, along with more information to support your use of virtual care. We will also have details early next week on webinars focusing on virtual care, billing and other pandemic-related topics. Watch your email for updates.

We know that the virtual care is a vital tool for physicians. Even as more services and businesses gradually begin reopening next week, virtual visits are still needed to meet patient needs while helping you to preserve hard-to-source PPE. We are pressing for further expansions of virtual care to meet the essential health needs of Manitobans during this prolonged pandemic response period.

New Virtual Visit Tariff Codes

The following virtual visit tariffs can be used regardless of modality (phone or video). All tariffs will remain available during the pandemic response until Manitoba Health communicates they are no longer available.

Tariff Virtual Care Description Effective Date
8321 Virtual visit paid equivalent to blocs’ regional history or exam rate March 14
8535 Consultation, paid equivalent to blocs’ 8550, 8553, 8556, 8516, 8617 or 8557 April 24
8527 Chronic care, paid equivalent to 8511 (e.g. PCH residents) April 1
8655 Psychotherapy performed by a non-psychiatrist, paid at equivalent to 8580 April 24
8533 Psychotherapy performed by a psychiatrist, paid at equivalent to 8581 March 14
8786 Psychiatric are, paid at equivalent to 8584 April 24

Further documentation will follow on Monday, but in the meantime a reminder about some basic requirements for all virtual visit claims:

  • Services must be provided personally by the physician. No claim may be made for a virtual visit in which only a physician proxy participates, such as a nurse or clerk.
  • After Hours Premiums may not be claimed in addition, except for urgent or emergent communications.
  • Start and Stop times must be documented in the patient’s chart and included on the claim.
  • Rural/Northern/Brandon Fee differentials apply.

If you have questions about virtual care and the new tariffs, please contact Roger Jamieson, Ian Foster or Braden Kalichuk at

PS: We sent out a message earlier to say thank you. Today is National Physicians Day. If you haven’t already, please view a message from Manitobans to all physicians.