CEO’s Message

Theresa OswaldWinston Churchill once suggested “however beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results,” and I agree with him on this matter wholeheartedly. As we find ourselves already quite deep in the re-imagination of the strategic direction for Doctors Manitoba, I am keenly focused on taking stock of the successes and challenges of the past to ensure our plans going forward yield the results our members want and need.

The sun will set on our current strategic plan in the fall of 2020, and you have seen several messages from us asking you to engage in the dialogue as we shape our direction for the next few years. Our board is committed to developing a strategic plan that reflects your ideas and rises to your call for a new way of doing business. While we have seen solid performance throughout our negotiation of Master Agreements and other contractual matters in the years gone by, you are telling us that we could be even more for you, and we take those suggestions seriously.

Documented issues regarding physician health and wellness across the country have inspired us to engage with the Canadian Medical Association to start a new project with and for physicians in our rural and northern communities. Significant restructuring activities by the government have been a source of considerable upheaval in the system, and you have been clear that you want physician voices heard at the tables when these decisions are being made. Discussion about access to a more accessible locum service has led to the negotiation of resources for and involvement by Doctors Manitoba to improve what is available to Manitoba physicians who need to take time away. All of these ideas have come from you, and have shaped our activity over the last year.

I encourage you to lend your voice to additional upcoming engagement opportunities as we work to shape the new strategic plan. Your insights and challenges must be at the heart of all that we do. We will listen carefully to your ideas and input, and we shall make even Churchill proud in our efforts to focus on results.

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Oswald