CEO’s Message

Theresa Oswald

Theresa OswaldWe’ve been busy here at Doctors Manitoba. As we move forward on a dual track of preparing for arbitration while negotiating our Master Agreement, our focus continues to be maintaining unity within the profession. To that end, I want to send my sincere gratitude to all physicians and families who attended our Annual Awards Gala on May 3, 2019. In an environment of government fiscal restraint, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity to support each other and acknowledge the incredible contributions and sacrifices physicians make each and every day. The gala was an inspiring celebration of medicine in Manitoba, and the award winners showed humility and grace in accepting their much- deserved awards.

We made some changes to the gala this year, which is always a bit risky… new venue, new ticket price, new format, new emcee, and more. The feedback has been very positive, and I am thankful to the board and to our staff for their trust and hard work in making these changes happen so seamlessly.

Any assessment or evaluation of an event must always ask the basic question: What did we miss? I really want to hear from you about the process and product of the Doctors Manitoba Annual Awards Gala.

Have we given you an effective opportunity to nominate your colleagues so they can be honoured for the profound contributions they make to the art and craft of medicine in Manitoba?

Do our current awards reflect a modern and evolving profession?

Have you wanted to nominate someone in the past, but couldn’t find the right fit in our existing categories?

Was the nomination process too vague or cumbersome? Do you have a suggestion for a process or a type of award we should be offering to showcase the incredible talents among us?

Please take some time to think about this and send me your ideas at I want to work with our board over the next year to make  our annual celebration even better, and the best way to do that is to ensure the event reflects our mission, vision and values, and the amazing contributions you are making to the health and well-being of Manitoba families every single day.

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Oswald