Dr. Edin Tunovic

Concordia District Board Rep

Dr. Edin Tunovic understands the importance of perspective, which should serve him well as the newest member on the Doctors Manitoba Board. His primary goal is to learn as much as possible and to contribute constructively. “I enjoy working with others and learning from them. I’ve learned that it is best to be matter of  fact, open and honest in your interactions.” He hopes to contribute to positive change through participation and advocacy on the issues facing physicians that he’s passionate about.

His main concerns are systemic changes in healthcare. and how physician involvement can result in positive changes for all. “I often think about how the current broad changes affect our models of practice as well as our interactions with each other and our patients. Physician involvement can result in more positive changes for all.” Dr. Tunovic has experienced this in his own practice, specifically at Concordia Hospital, and the profound impact felt due to changes in models of care. “The physicians involved in the process have been phenomenal during times of adversity and adapting to

demands placed on them. They continue to provide exceptional care. I’ve learned from them the importance of evolving and adapting through challenging times. They truly deserve recognition.”

He enjoys tackling problems from all angles and acknowledges that there are many facing physicians today. “Never has there been so much expected from physicians, while many face increased financial concerns with the costs of running a practice, proposed tax changes and looming future negotiations. I would like to focus on improving quality of life for physicians and advocating for systemic improvements so that they can continue to use their exceptional talents to care for our fellow Manitobans.”

Dr. Tunovic grew up in Winnipeg, where he completed his undergraduate studies and medical training at the University of Manitoba. He is a family physician and has worked at the Concordia Community Clinic for the past four and a half years. He also works as a hospitalist at the Concordia Hospital and as a consultant at the Bethania and Pembina Place Personal Care homes.

He finds daily motivation in being able to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. He enjoys the varied interactions he has as a generalist with patients and their families, as well as with other colleagues in the healthcare system including physicians, pharmacists, nurses and allied health professionals.

He ensures he makes time for himself and family, stays active, and is aware of what he needs in order to remain successful during stressful times. “A burnt-out physician is not a helpful resource to anyone. A process of self- reflection is important, as is being open to constructive criticism from people around you.”

He counts his parents, who immigrated to Canada from Bosnia, among his heroes. “They are truly the hardest working people I have ever known. They moved our family after the war in Yugoslavia and faced challenges few can imagine. They gave their children the best example of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.”

When he’s not practicing as a hospitalist, clinician, consultant at personal care homes or representing members as the Concordia Representative on the Doctors Manitoba Board, Dr. Tunovic enjoys traveling and exploring new places. “It puts the world and our own problems into perspective,” he says.