Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Paint Nite!

In late November, the Doctors Manitoba office was transformed. What is normally a beautiful atrium at the epicentre of a bustling office was draped in painter’s cloth. Gone were the Physician’s Manuals and membership forms. In were the easels and paint brushes!

The Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program hosted two Paint Nites, allowing mentorship program participants to connect, talk and paint. All of it was to give participants a chance to relax, talk a little shop, and decompress.

Paint Nite is where a trained artist walks aspiring artists with varying degrees of experience (ranging from none to some) through the painting process – from blank canvass to masterpiece. Think of it as paint by numbers for adults.

Over 70 medical students, residents and practicing physicians participated. There was plenty of time to mingle, eat good and have  a glass of wine. The budding artists were captivated by our extraordinary teacher who carefully guided everyone through the process and helped them tap into their creative side.

The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and the art was equally impressive!