A Message from the CEO

Theresa Oswald

Theresa Oswald
We are grateful to the many physicians with whom we worked to prepare our comprehensive proposal to government for a new Master Agreement. This was gruelling and sometimes tedious work, but your efforts enabled us to put forward a proposal that better advocates for you and to help modernize our system in an effective and efficient manner.

It is striking to me how passionately we heard from the physicians that an effective system that values their work and is responsive to the needs of patients is what they desire most. There are some who would claim otherwise but it simply isn’t true.

The physicians of Manitoba want to see barriers to care broken down, innovation driven by compassion, and a billing/compensation system that reflects
the excellent care they provide in every corner of the province. Physicians have engaged in continuing education to strengthen their skills sets and knowledge-base as the population grows and changes. Medicine continues to advance and our compensation models should too.

We hope to receive a formal proposal from Manitoba Health in the weeks ahead, and while this is slightly behind the historical schedule, we understand that restructuring is consuming every moment of a far-too-lean team of professionals tasked with doing the important work of negotiating with us. Our strategy will be to work collaboratively and get the best deal possible for you. It is not our intention to negotiate in the media but we will keep you posted of all material developments going forward.

I spent a rather frightening day in the ER a few weeks ago with a loved one in distress. I watched closely as you worked to provide care and comfort to all involved, and I was inspired and so grateful. Your professionalism and expertise is the reason I come to work every day, and I am deeply proud to do so.

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Oswald