President’s Message

Dr. Shannon Prud'hommeDr. Shannon Prud’homme

There are few things more important to me as your president than ensuring you are engaged with Doctors Manitoba and that we are meeting your needs as you work to care for patients across the province. It is with deep gratitude, then, that I extend my personal thanks to the hundreds of physicians who participated in our consultations for our upcoming Master Agreement negotiation.

Your dedication to the process, and the informed, insightful and innovative ideas you brought to the table have been critical in formulating the heart and soul of our proposals. I commend you for the generosity you have shown in giving your time and expertise to our staff, without compensation, beyond the occasional after-hours meal.

Our discussions with government will be challenging, taking place on the landscape of massive system restructuring and heavy-handed legislation, albeit unproclaimed. Now, more than ever, we need to ensure physicians in Manitoba have the support they need in the facilities in which we work to provide the care that our patients rightly deserve. Physician compensation must be competitive to enable our recruitment and retention efforts to take hold, and to ensure we have the help we need from a healthy workforce of colleagues, loaded with experience and expertise.

For this reason most of all, I am so proud of your efforts. The consultation and dialogue among our physicians has been, at its core, a demonstration of what it means to truly care for one another. Your ideas have guided our preparation, and your passion will fuel our negotiation. I feel confident that a unified voice and a sustained selfless effort to care for each other will keep our profession strong, and by extension, our patients as healthy and well as they can possibly be.

Thanks to you all,

Dr. Shannon Prud’homme