Dr. Yvette Emerson

Dr. Yvette EmersonInterlake District Representative

Dr. Yvette Emerson is interested in the human side of medicine and believes that leadership and compassion are integral to creating change within the current healthcare system.

As a new Board member, she wants to see a healthcare system where the skills and knowledge of physician leaders are leveraged to create sustainable and improved delivery of care.

“I would like to encourage as many physicians as possible to involve themselves in leadership roles, “ she says. “We have a vital role in contributing to the vision of a changing and high quality health care system. No one else can do this work but physicians. Change is coming and unless doctors are integrally involved it will not be for the better.”

Dr. Emerson firmly believes that compassion plays a crucial role in providing quality healthcare, which must be balanced with various other competing priorities, such as emerging technologies and pharmaceuticals. She values the relationships that are formed with her patients and being able to witness the love between families during times of illness.

“It’s the little things I learn from my patients and the hundreds of small kindnesses offered by colleagues, clerks and nurses,” she says. “It’s an honour to be allowed into people’s lives when they are often at their most vulnerable.”

Dr. Emerson completed medical school at the University of Manitoba and her Family Medicine Rural-based Residency at the University of British Columbia. She brings a wide range of clinical and academic experience with her as a new Board member. She has provided remote Family Medicine in Northern B.C., North Western Ontario, Nunavut and fly-in communities in Manitoba. Currently Dr. Emerson works as an ER physician at the Selkirk Regional Health Centre.

A self-proclaimed introvert, she enjoys growing her own food, spending time with her ten-year old son, camping at Steep Rock Beach, and long walks down the Prime Meridian Trail with her retriever, Barley.

“I love noting the changing seasons,” she says. “I have picked Saskatoon berries on my walks and learned that dogs love them too! Now I am watching the leaves fall, mostly without changing color this year due to the early snowfall. I love my walks and will even wake up early to get them in.”

For Dr. Emerson, it’s important to recognize the seemingly small details that are all too often overlooked.