Dr. Selena Papetti

Dr. Selena PapettiEastman District Representative

Dr. Papetti’s singular voice and strong convictions are a welcome addition to the Doctors Manitoba Board.

“I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking” she says.

She does not shy away from speaking up for her colleagues and addressing the challenges facing Manitoba physicians.

One of the issues she’d like to focus on is ensuring that the Maternity/Parental Benefits Program is modernized, so that it reflects a culture shift toward equal parenting and gender equity for physicians.

Dr. Papetti also has concerns about the sustainability of the healthcare system as it relates to the well-being of both patients and doctors.

“When we discuss physician wellness I think we need to take a hard look at systemic issues that lead to burn-out and loss of compassion. In my own practice there is a daily struggle to have my patients access the care that they need in a very broken system, and I go home at the end of the day feeling like I did my best but that it fell short of being enough.”

Originally from St. Boniface, Dr. Papetti graduated from the bilingual residency program at the University of Manitoba. She now practices Family Medicine in Lac du Bonnet, where she has been since graduating in 2012. She and her partner have started a family in Seven Sisters Falls and are currently undertaking a renovation project on their home.

“What began as a labour of love has now become reminiscent of the ‘80s movie The Money Pit,” she says, “a movie which I have encyclopedic knowledge of.”

Despite being busy with work and home improvements, Dr. Papetti tries to maintain a diverse set of interests, such as knitting, listening to ‘80s hair metal and new wave on Sirius XM, and going to concerts.

“I also love reading biographies of people more interesting than myself,” she notes, although she may be selling herself short in this regard.