Dr. Joel Myhre

dr. joel myhreParkland District Representative

Dr. Joel Myhre maintains a steady balance when it comes to his family, career and his new position on the Doctors Manitoba Board. He knows what his priorities are and ensures that his time is spent accordingly.

“I don’t wish for a redistribution of my time,” he says, “only that I had more time to spend on the things that I put value on.”

Dr. Myhre brings this balanced approach to the Board, which will no doubt serve him well.

“I think that I have the ability to absorb information from all sides of a discussion in order to formulate an opinion and push for a reasonable resolution that will work for physicians,” he says.

He understands that engagement is required in order to lead change within the evolving medical profession, and wants to ensure that he provides a voice for other physicians in his region. “As a new Board member I believe my role is primarily to educate myself about the issues we are facing and ensure that I bring the concerns from the physicians in my region to the discussions,” he says. In terms of the specific concerns facings doctors in small rural satellite communities, he’s experienced these first-hand, such as gaps in patient care that are increasingly being filled by Nurse Practitioners. Dr. Myhre’s approach to these issues is consistently about finding equilibrium.

“There is a balance to working together with them and maintaining our roles as primary care providers.”

Dr. Myhre was born and raised in Dauphin, Manitoba. After completing medical school and his residency at the University of Manitoba, he returned to Dauphin where he has been practicing as a GP Anesthetist for the last 5 years. He’s inspired by the dedication of his colleagues who have long-standing practices in the Dauphin area.

“I see how hard my colleagues work, often behind the scenes, for the good of their patients,” he says. “The desire to provide wide-ranging services while maintaining continuity of care is exceptional.”

Dr. Myhre is able to manage his own well-being with time spent in the ER, his Family Practice clinic, and providing anesthesia in the OR, while his two boys keep him busy with their extracurricular activities. “Minor hockey is a wonderful way to ensure that your free time does not go unoccupied!” he says. However, this masterful juggling act is by design.

“I have consciously put value on time spent on my own physical and mental health as well as on the time I spend with my family,” he says. “These things hold value in my mind in the same way that a twelve-hour ER shift has its rewards.”

While he may not be able to claim the proverbial moderation in all things, there is no doubt that Dr. Myhre has found a fine balance.