Dr. Candace Bradshaw

Candace BradshawVictoria District Representative

Connections are what matter most to Dr. Candace Bradshaw.

It’s important to her to maintain close relationships with colleagues in order to properly represent the interests of Manitoba physicians.

“It helps me identify what challenges doctors are facing and where Doctors Manitoba may be able to step in and help with day-to-day frustrations,” she says.

Dr. Bradshaw is adamant that she will stand up to anything that threatens the well-being of her colleagues. At Doctors Manitoba, she intends to advocate for changes to physician health. But you won’t see her focusing too much on resilience and individual techniques.

“I am more interested in tackling the issue of unrealistic expectations and demands from the broader system. When physicians struggle to keep up with increasing pressures, they become irritable, depressed and make mistakes. Healthier physicians lead to healthier patients.”

Dr. Bradshaw is now in her 18th year of Family Practice at Tuxedo Family Medical Clinic in Winnipeg, which she co-owns and operates with her partners. She considers the original group of physicians that started the clinic her personal heroes.

“I learned the ropes of medical practice and how to run the business from them. The medicine they practiced was solid,” she says. “Every single one of them had or still has a sixth sense about their patients. If something was wrong they would find it. And fast. I have always wished we could give awards to doctors like these for practicing phenomenal medicine for decades.”

She finds inspiration in the profound moments she’s able to share with her patients. Whether they are in the process of adopting a major lifestyle change, coping with a stressful diagnosis, or finding peace in the midst of a difficult crisis, she values the opportunity to work with her patients as they overcome obstacles.

“Being part of the process alongside them is a gift,” she says.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Dr. Bradshaw completed her medical degree and residency at the University of Manitoba. She is married with two teenagers and enjoys spending as much time with family as possible, while enduring the torture of being a ‘hockey mom’.