CPSM Quality Improvement Program

FAQs – Changes to quality assurance monitoring

What is the College of Physicians & Surgeons Quality Improvement Program?

Most medical regulatory authorities in Canada have some form of quality assurance system. In Manitoba, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) is required by law to have such a program to ensure continuing competency of physicians. The Quality Improvement Program (QIP) is the CPSM’s new program to monitor quality assurance and continuing competency.

Is this new?

Kind of. The CPSM has operated the Manitoba Physician Achievement Review program since 2010. The new QIP will replace it in 2019.

When will it start?

The new QIP will be implemented over time. For some family physicians, a pilot project began in November 2018 with the full program starting for family physicians in 2019 when the physician regulations under The Regulated Health Professions Act come into effect. The program will start for specialists in January 2020.

When will I have to go through the QIP?

The QIP will have a seven-year rolling cycle, meaning you’ll go through it once every seven years.

How will it work?

There will be multiple steps. If your name is selected through a random draw, you’ll then be required to complete a questionnaire about your practice (type of patients you see, the type of work you do, Continuing Professional Development history, etc.).

Based on the CPSM’s review of that questionnaire, you might be required to take part in an off-site or on-site chart review and further discussion with CPSM. CPSM will provide feedback and may recommend a course of action (such as certain types of CPD) or provide resources to remedy any issues.

Do I have to participate in QIP?

Yes. The program is mandatory.

Will I be eligible for CPD credits when I go through this process?

Yes. Credits will be available.

Did Doctors Manitoba help create this program?

No. While we learned that the QIP was in the works during consultations about the new physician regulations under The Regulated Health Professions Act, we did not contribute to the development of this new QIP.

Did Doctors Manitoba consult with the CMPA about the new QIP?

Yes. We maintain an excellent working relationship with the CMPA, their staff and their lawyers. We co-ordinate efforts and share information, where appropriate, to provide physicians with the best possible advice.

Does Doctors Manitoba have concerns?

We understand and appreciate that any self-regulating profession must have a robust program to ensure the competency of those within it. It is our understanding that this QIP is intended to be educational in nature, similar to other provinces.

Our review with the CMPA suggests that the scope of the CPSM’s new QIP is generally consistent with that from other provinces.

That said, we will be watching to ensure that:

  1. physicians receive ample notice and time to prepare for and participate in the QIP;
  2. physicians receive ample time to follow recommendations and/or correct any perceived deficiencies;
  3. any perceived deficiencies are not referred to Complaints Investigation or Inquiry Committee without ample notice;
  4. the QIP process remains confidential;
  5. no material or information generated as part of the QIP process be shared or used as part of another CPSM proceeding or legal action.

Who can help me through this?
If/when you are selected for the QIP, you are welcome to contact the CMPA or Doctors Manitoba at any time during the process.

Click here to view Dr. Marilyn Singer’s presentation on the QIP to the Doctors Manitoba Board of Directors on November 7, 2018.