A Message from the CEO

Theresa Oswald

Theresa Oswald

Physicians in Manitoba have known for a long time that more resources are needed to support patients struggling with addictions. You have offered sage advice to regional health authorities and government on matters of grave concern for your patients and the realities they face as they fight battles with meth, opioids and more. Sometimes your ideas are heard, but many times they are not.

Doctors Manitoba understands the inherent danger that exists when patients present with serious addictions to meth and other drugs. We continue to advocate for enhanced safety and security protocols in Manitoba facilities to ensure you and your colleagues are able to provide care and expertise, even in the most challenging situations. Our conversations with government and Shared Health continue, because we believe your safety and well-being is very important.

You recently received a letter from your president, Dr. Shannon Prud’homme, asking for your feedback about your experiences when safety initiatives were insufficient. Your responses have been passionate, raw and deeply moving. Even more, the ideas you have shared to make working environments better for your fellow physicians and their patients have been excellent.

I humbly request that you keep these responses coming, to ceo@doctorsmanitoba.ca. Our pleas to system leaders carry the most weight when we can cite the authentic and powerful, on-the-ground challenges you face. Concrete evidence is our best hope of yielding meaningful change and positive results.

I have worked with and for physicians in Manitoba in one way or another for many years now. I am sincere in saying that there is nothing more important to me than your safety, and I know I share this belief with the entire staff at Doctors Manitoba. Your expertise and wisdom in improving the working lives of your colleagues cannot be understated.

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Oswald