Student Disability Insurance

Even though you are not yet earning an income, Disability Insurance is voluntarily offered to medical students currently residing in Manitoba and enrolled in the Max Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

Disability Insurance pays you a tax free monthly benefit to use however you want, but mostly to help pay for all of life’s expenses in the event you are sick or injured and cannot attend school.

Now is your opportunity to enroll in the Doctors Manitoba Student Disability Program.Our Annual Enrollment runs October 1 – November 30, 2018, for coverage effective December 1, 2018.

During this special enrollment period, you can obtain coverage without providing any medical evidence.

How do I enroll ?

Fill out the Student Disability Application form and submit it to Doctors Manitoba along with a cheque for the appropriate premiums listed in the application. Premium amounts are based on your age, gender, and smoking status. We take care of the rest. You will be issued a tax deductible receipt and a certificate of insurance.

Protect yourself now, for the future.

For any questions on the coverage or the application process, please contact Mark Venton, Insurance Services at 204-985-5846 or or