Dr. Meyer Nell

Assiniboine Representative

Dr. Meyer NellPracticing medicine in the country suits Dr. Meyer Nell.

I love my patients and the closeness of a small town. I love being able to make a difference and improve quality of life, sometimes simply lending an ear can change somebody’s day,” he says.

Dr. Nell, who originally hails from South Africa, has been practicing medicine in Boissevain for twenty years.

“It has been a pleasure to serve as a family doctor,” says Dr. Nell.

He loves the challenges that every new day brings and is grateful for the opportunities he has had since moving to the rural Manitoba community.

As the new representative for Assiniboine on the Doctors Manitoba Board, Dr. Nell is primed and ready for the challenges facing the profession.

Proposed changes to taxation by the government for small business and corporations concern Dr.  Nell.

While businesses and corporations typically provide retirement and benefit packages, physicians, who are often self-employed, don’t have those same safety nets, he says.

“There are simply no guarantees in our line of work. And I am worried this will lead to physicians leaving the province and the country.”

The erosion and possible closure of rural emergency services, and ensuing job cuts also worries Dr. Nell.

With his familiarity with the issues and interests of rural physicians and his understanding of the Regional Health Authorities and their struggles, Dr. Nell is a valuable and strong voice on the Doctors Manitoba board.

He is committed to helping create positive  change.

“I have very specific opinions about some of these issues,” says Dr.

Nell, “and I believe that they can be addressed and solved if the correct strategies fall in place.”