Dr. Audrey Nguyen

PARIM (Professional Association of Residents & Interns of Manitoba) President and Board Representative

dr audrey nguyenDr. Audrey Nguyen’s heart is with her patients. Using her training in psychiatry, Dr. Nguyen’s goal is to build strong therapeutic relationships with her  patients.

Hearing their stories and getting to know her patients continually motivates her. “I cannot imagine a better field”, she says.

That field, and the practice of medicine, fulfills her passion for education too.

“I have always loved education: educating myself; educating my peers; and educating my patients. Medicine allows me to pursue my academic and clinical interests, all in the while helping my patients towards wellness” says Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Nguyen completed her Doctor of Medicine at the University of Calgary. While in school she co-founded The Longview, the U of C’s first medical humanities journal. After her move to the University of Manitoba to start her residency, she began serving as first- year representative, and social representative for the Psychiatry Residents Association of Manitoba.

In her role on the Doctors Manitoba Board, Dr. Nguyen wants to be a strong voice for residents.

“Medical residents play a unique role within our healthcare services, many times, being the front line physician to serve our patients,” says Dr. Nguyen. “I believe it is integral that our voice be representated at the Board so that our unique understanding be part of decisions.”

She is thrilled to be on the Board and help enhance the working lives of residents and physicians, and ultimately improve patient care in Manitoba.

“This is an invaluable opportunity for further collaboration between staff, physician colleagues and resident physicians. It is my utmost privilege to represent our values and needs at the Board,” says Dr. Nguyen.