Doctors Manitoba Announces Ms. Theresa Oswald as incoming CEO

November 17, 2017

Dear Member:

It is my pleasure to announce Ms. Theresa Oswald as the next CEO of Doctors Manitoba, commencing January 2018. Ms. Oswald was chosen unanimously by the members of the Board following a national search. Ms. Oswald will succeed Mr. Robert Cram as CEO upon his retirement. We give our profound gratitude to Mr. Cram who served Doctors Manitoba for over 22 years, and who led our organization so capably for seven years as its CEO.

Ms. Oswald possesses a strong understanding of healthcare in Manitoba and of the unique role that physicians hold in the healthcare system. She was the Manitoba Minister of Healthy Living from 2004-06 and was Minister of Health for Manitoba from 2006-13, becoming the longest consecutive serving health minister in the country. She is currently the Executive Director for the Women’s Health Clinic. She has an impressive record of achievement and is a respected leader.

Doctors Manitoba has a long history as a non-partisan organization serving the physicians in Manitoba and as a strong voice for the health of Manitobans. Ms. Oswald will uphold that tradition. Using her knowledge of our healthcare system and her proven leadership skills, she will guide our organization in an ever-changing environment, advocating for the professional, economic and personal well-being of our members.

Please help me welcome Ms. Oswald to Doctors Manitoba. I know she is looking forward to meeting with and learning from our membership in the months ahead.



Press Release – November 17, 2017