A Strategic Plan

Sharing Our Vision


Our Vision

A trusted organization with an engaged membership and a strong voice for the health of Manitobans.

Our Mission

To serve the physicians of Manitoba, advocating for their professional, economic and personal well-being.

Our Values

Unity: We strive to make decisions that will foster unity in the membership

Influence: Our influence derives from our unity as an association

Foresight: We anticipate and plan for the changing environment

Professionalism: We adhere to a high standard of integrity and respect in our work relationships


A message from the President

Dr. Aaron ChiuIt is my pleasure to announce Doctors Manitoba’s Strategic Plan for 2017- 2020. The members of the Governance Committee and the Board of Directors developed our Strategic Plan to guide our organization forward towards an ever uncertain future of healthcare. Our core mission is to serve our members, regardless of whether you have yet to start practice, have retired, or anywhere in between. Our role is, and always will be, to advocate on your behalf. I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions  at president@doctorsmanitoba.ca

Strategic Theme A – Member Engagement

Strategic Goal 1.0 – All members feel informed by and connected to Doctors Manitoba

Strategic Goal 2.0 – Members view participation on Doctors Manitoba Board, committees and working groups as worthwhile

Strategic Theme B – Physician Health & Wellness

Strategic Goal 1.0 – Doctors Manitoba provides assistance and training to its members for wellness activities that are increasingly utilized

Strategic Goal 2.0 – All physicians, residents and medical students will have access to a primary care physician

Strategic Goal 3.0 – Doctors Manitoba promotes professionalism within its membership

Strategic Theme C – Remuneration & Benefits

Strategic Goal 1.0 – Physician remuneration and benefits in Manitoba remain competitive

Strategic Theme D – Advocacy, Innovation & Leadership

Strategic Goal 1.0 – All members view Doctors Manitoba as a proactive and effective advocate for the medical profession

Strategic Goal 2.0 – Doctors Manitoba advocates on public health issues and opportunities for innovation where there is a clear consensus in the medical profession

Strategic Goal 3.0 – Doctors Manitoba advocates for members throughout their career, from student to retired

Strategic Theme E – Organizational Capacity

Strategic Goal 1.0 – Doctors Manitoba has the capacity to successfully execute and monitor its strategic and operating plans

Strategic Goal 2.0 – Doctors Manitoba promotes the development of leadership skills of its members, at the regional, provincial and national levels