2017 Awards Recipients

109th Annual General Meeting


Awards Dr. BooyDr. Harold Booy – Dr. Jack Armstrong Humanitarian Award

“It’s a very real honour. I’ve been going to these meetings for many years and see the people who have received this award before and I just have a very deep respect for the type of people and the kind of service they have done. Jack Armstrong, he was a teacher of mine, and he was such a kind and caring person and  a terrific physician as well. I was actually so surprised when they called me because I didn’t think I ranked with that kind of people I didn’t think I had done the kinds of things that people with this award had done.

I felt really humbled by watching other people get the award and amazed at what they had done so that just makes the honour that much more.”

– Dr. Harold Booy



Awards Dr. BernsteinDr. Keevin Bernstein – Health Administration

“I would like to thank Doctors Manitoba for recognizing me in this way. It’s given me the opportunity to

reflect on the last 30 years of my career. Firstly I want  to acknowledge those that gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and take on leadership roles in both a clinical area and a UGME course which led to broader roles in the Province and Faculty of Medicine. I also want to acknowledge the many people who helped form the vision for these areas, and worked collaboratively with me over the past 30 years to help achieve what we all accomplished together. I want to take this opportunity to encourage the younger people  to step out of your own comfort zone, be innovative   and work towards your own initiatives. Don’t accept because it’s not currently done in Manitoba that it can’t be done.”

– Dr. Keevin Bernstein



Awards Dr. Zarychanski

Dr. Ryan Zarychanski – Scholastic Award

“It’s  an honour to be recognized by Doctors Manitoba  but it’s also a real privilege to be nominated by my own peers for the award. It’s a unique job I have doing clinical medicine and academic medicine. It’s challenging like everyone else job but it’s a privilege to help bring in new studies and new treatments that are hopefully going

to improve the health of the patients who enrol in our clinical trials. Clinical medicine is fascinating. Most of  the problems I see fit into a certain mould. With the academic projects I get involved in, everything is brand new and every single research program is totally unique and it’s absolutely uncharted. That’s a stimulating part of the research. I love practicing medicine but I also realize that if we all practice medicine in the same way, we’ll be doing it over and over again for generations, in the same way. So I like the fact that we have a chance to change the trajectory of care and modify, refine or create new treatments and strategies to help patients better survive their diseases.”

– Dr. Ryan Zarychanski


Awards Dr. Osler

Dr. Gigi Osler – Health or Safety Promotion

“Thank you to Doctors Manitoba, not only for this award but for your continued support for physicians. I would encourage everyone to consider physician health as

an absolute requirement for a sustainable, professional career and a fulfilling personal life. Looking after ourselves is not a luxury, but a necessity.”

– Dr. Gigi Osler





Awards Dr. Bronson

Dr. Maria Bronson – Resident of the Year

“It’s unbelievable. As residents, we all work so hard, so for Doctors Manitoba to recognize residents and to be able to represent the department of psychiatry on top of that, it’s a wonderful privilege and I am just so grateful. It was an honour to find out I was  nominated

for the award and then to get the call from Dr. (Barbara) Kelleher that I had won the award, it was an incredible honour. And then to get to stand on a stage with

such distinguished physicians who have had such amazing careers and then to get to spend my days working with such incredible mentors, and colleagues and physicians that set the example of the kind of physician I want to become, it has been wonderful.”

– Dr. Maria Bronson


awards Dr. Vorster

Dr. Alewyn Vorster – Physician of the Year

“Everybody in life feels humbled and honoured when these kinds of things happen to them. And physician of the year is something I have worked very hard

for so I appreciate the award. It’s a very gratifying experience and I wish that everyone would experience it, in one form, in their lives. What we do in rural, family practice is try and provide an excellent service and we actually get involved in generations of families that come and see us. I am very grateful to be involved in the developing medical care… to develop meaningful doctor-patient relationships, to be in a collaborative, team approach, to help create an environment for physicians who are comfortable and  supported.”

– Dr. Alewyn Vorster



Awards Dr. Seshia

Dr. Molly Seshia – Distinguished Service

“I feel both honoured and very humbled. I have spent over 40 years in neonatology and these have been exciting ones, they really have. And it’s great that towards the end of one’s career one can say that one  is still excited about going to work. I love what I do. It’s interesting. It’s rewarding. It’s not the same. It changes. It has remained exciting over the years.”

– Dr. Molly Seshia