It was not lost on anyone that it may very well have been the first time in recent memory that a President of Doctors Manitoba attended a meeting of the Manitoba Medical Students’ Association.

While staff at Doctors Manitoba work closely with medical students and the MMSA and often attend MMSA meetings, its been far from common for the resident to attend. In the past, staff have either presented the annual Doctors Manitoba grant to the MMSA in person or just dropped the cheque in the mail.

This year was different, however. Doctors Manitoba President, Dr. Barb Kelleher, wanted the MMSA to know that medical students are a vital part of Doctors Manitoba and the medical profession.

As a result, she made the over 2 hour drive in mid-December from her clinic in Brandon to Winnipeg to present the annual grant to Mr. Josh Palay, MMSA Senior Stick (President).

The grant, calculated based on the number of medical students in any given year, is for the MMSA to use as they see fit. Among other things, the MMSA have used to money to fund the activities of the many interest groups they have. The interest groups vary widely – everything from rural practice to social activism!

These interest groups allow medical students to explore a variety of different aspects of the practice of medicine, the health care system, and political environment in which it operates. Participation fosters leadership and engagement amongst medical students that serves them individually, and the province more broadly, for years to come.

Mr. Palay noted the importance of the grant. “Doctors Manitoba has gone above and beyond in making Manitoba medical students feel welcomed as a part of the provincial physician community. Their financial support is absolutely integral to the services and programming we’re able to provide to medical students in Manitoba. With this funding, we’re able to run wellness and career exploration programming, as well as send students to national conferences in order to represent our province.”