CaRMS Interview Training Day

On January 7, 2017, Doctors Manitoba once again hosted almost 70 medical students to prepare for CaRMS interviews.

This annual event helps medical students practice giving answers in a CaRMS mock interview. Residents who have recently been through the CaRMS process then provide constructive feedback.

Being able to practice and get feedback is invaluable to those participating. Being able to listen to other medical students give answers during the mock interview allows for critical analysis and in-depth preparation.

Now in its third year, the CaRMS Mock Interview is a “must-attend” for medical students wanting to practice their interview skills alongside other students and residents in a warm, casual, and non-judgmental environment.

The students are divided into groups based on their area of interest (Family Medicine or Specialty). With the help of current residents as facilitators, students are asked questions similar to what they might field in the actual CaRMS interview. The residents provided feedback and lead discussions with a goal to  increase student confidence and aptitude.

The feedback from the training day was overwhelmingly positive and there is little doubt the event will continue to grow.

Josh Palay, a Med 4 student and MMSA Senior Stick (President), participated in the mock interviews and commented on their helpfulness. “Looking back, the CaRMS Mock Interviews I attended were quite helpful in my preparation process. It was the only chance to have hands-on feedback from residents who have gone through the process. Their approach made me feel comfortable and confident – I would definitely recommend it to future students!”