PARIM Check-Up


PARIM ExecutiveThe 2016-2017 academic year is underway for Manitoba’s resident doctors and the new PARIM Executive is already busy planning events, advocacy, and changes for the year.

The first Executive meeting took place on July 19, 2016, and guided by the areas of focus that were identified at PARIM’s first Strategic Planning Meeting in April 2016, the team came up with a plan for the year. In addition to the usual duties of the Executive, such as planning events, providing a resident voice on various health care committees, and ensuring that residents are treated fairly in their work and learning environments, this year’s Executive will also be examining PARIM’s governance structure and how the organization can best communicate with its members.

The composition of PARIM’s Board of Directors has not changed since PARIM’s bylaws were first written in 1976. At that time, a representative from each specialty had a seat on the Board; with only about 15 specialties in existence, the Board was a manageable and effective size. Over the years, the number of specialties has grown considerably and, combined with the Executive Council, PARIM’s Board of Directors now includes over 50 people. The challenge this year will be to determine a more efficient composition for the Board of Directors while also maintaining input from each specialty that falls under PARIM. Leadership roles need to be redefined and clarified, and bylaws will have to be rewritten to reflect the changes that are made. Governance reform is a huge undertaking but one that is necessary for PARIM to meet the goals that were determined by its membership.

Effective communication with members is an issue that most organizations are facing, especially with e-mail fatigue and the rapidly changing landscape of social media, and PARIM is no exception. Members expressed interest in alternative forms of communication and also requested a facelift to the PARIM website for a more organized and user-friendly experience. A Communications Committee has been created this year to examine these issues and come up with a communications strategy that is effective, efficient, and sustainable.

PARIM faces several challenging tasks this year, but with an enthusiastic Executive Council at the helm, the year is sure to be positive and productive.