dr. jason scott

Country music a calling for Dauphin doctor

dr. jason scottDr. Jason Scott teams with Garth Brook’s guitarist on CD

Jason Scott’s music won’t put you to sleep one day he just might.

He’s a family doctor, and family practice anesthetist in Dauphin.

And he’s also a rising country music singer and songwriter, with a new CD under his belt.

“I’ve always been a guy who doesn’t want stagnate. I like to broaden my horizons,” Scott says.

His new CD, ‘Boots to Fill,’ was recently released and is available online. Two of the songs were also written by Johnny Garcia, Garth Brooks’ and Trisha Yearwood’s long-time guitarist. More on that star turn later. Add it all up and Scott’s life is a bit of a country song but without all the ‘down and out’ stuff.

Scott’s path to country music started with childhood piano lessons. School, university, medical school and a thriving practice in Dauphin followed. He got married and welcomed three children. And he squeezed in a stint as President of Doctors Manitoba too.

Then about eight years ago, Scott picked up the guitar and taught himself to play.

I just wanted to be able to play country music. I didn’t even know if I could sing yet.”

But he could sing and songwriting quickly followed.

“I’ve always loved country music ever since I was a kid. I loved the stories,” he says.

Scott had no plan to go into country music but the universe did. OK, this is where Scott’s path to professional country music takes many twists and turns.

It begins with Scott’s brother-in-law Trevor Johnson — a veterinarian in Dauphin — who is a very talented country music singer and songwriter in his own right.

Here’s how it starts: Johnson moves to Nashville; wins a jingle-writing contest; and wins tickets to the Country Music Awards. And then: Heading to Nashville airport on his way home from the CMAs, Johnson stops and plays a few originals in a famous country music venue; and gets noticed by successful music producer Dick McVey, who contacts him six months later.

Next: Johnson and Scott decide to make a demo CD with McVey. Scott later wants to record his own CD of originals with McVey, who brings Garth Brooks’ guitarist Johnny Garcia on board. Finally: Garcia and Scott become fast friends during the recording and begin writing music together.

“Love writing with Jason,” Garcia writes in an e-mail. “His singing is really soulful and he’s got great storytelling ability when he sings.”

Today, two of Garcia’s songs are on Scott’s new CD ‘Boots to Fill.’ And Garcia also played guitar on the CD.

I’m really proud of the record we did together and it will live forever,” Garcia says.

Scott’s wild career trajectory and now his relationship with Garcia is still hard to believe, the 41-year-old doctor says.

“It’s amazing,” says Scott. “But at the same time Johnny is a normal guy but he’s also a great guy.”

Garcia and Scott also recently became partners in the music writing and publishing business. Garcia owns ‘Busy at Play,’ while Scott started ‘Boots to Fill.’ They have combined forces to find and work with promising song writers, and to write and pitch original songs to established artists.

But there’s also a charitable twist to this tale. All of the proceeds of Scott’s new ‘Boots to Fill,’ are going to Muscular Dystrophy Manitoba/Canada. Four of Scott’s dear aunts and uncles had myotonic dystrophy, a disorder under the umbrella of muscular dystrophy. One of first songs Scott ever wrote was ‘Tough as Nails,’ a tribute to a beloved uncle who died as a result of the condition.

“Hopefully that song and the album can raise awareness and some money,” say Scott, who wrote the song with Johnson.

Even with all that passion for country music and its power for good, Scott has no plans to shelve his medical career.

“Writing and playing music is a great departure from medicine,” he says, “but I’m 41-years-old, I’m not touring.”

“I’m not going on the road or anything but I’m of the attitude that you should never stop learning or challenging yourself.”

Check out Scott’s website:    www.jasonscottmusic.net